Seven question to ask your local pest control services

Any responsible homeowner will take measures towards tackling the pest problem. Controlling pests can sometimes be tricky. They are the tiny little buggers, who are going to pester the fun out of your holiday. When your efforts of pest control don’t cut it, you have to hire pest control service. Nevertheless, not all services are worth the fee. Their inefficiency in work can put the health of yours and your loved ones at risk. To spot the reliable company in the midst, ask the seven important questions about their profile.

  • What is your license status?

The company should meet the basic license requirements of the state. Also enquire about the training of the employees, especially in safe handling of instruments.

  • Can you provide references?

Pest control doesn’t end with process, but extends to results too. A reputed company will be willing to share experiences of their previous customers.

  • Are you insured?

Insurances held by pest control companies reflect their care for protecting the customer. Additionally ask, if the technicians who work with the company are bonded.

  • Are follow-ups charged?

Some types of extermination mandates follow up treatment, that too regularly. Make sure whether the follow ups come with charge or not.

  • Can you provide an estimate?

Before the contract is drawn up, an exterminator must provide an estimate. Some offer an estimate for free and some charge a little, which will later be deducted from the program.

  • How do I prepare?

You need to prepare your home before pest control technicians arrive. Ask for a checklist of specific tasks that need to be done prior to arrival.

  • Can you explain the specifics?

As a homeowner you must know what processes and chemicals used in the program. Know how long you need to leave the premises of your home.