DIY pest management and control

How to get rid of mice naturally?

You do not want to see your house invaded by mice, and yet you are reluctant to kill yourself these little rodents? There are simple ways to dissuade mice from getting close to your home. Adopt a natural predator. You’re probably thinking about the cat, but he’s not the only one. Owls and owls are also fond of mice.

If your cat is not very likely to chase the mice, use its litter box as a mouse barrier. Spread this litter where these rodents spend most of the time. The strong odor will indicate to the rodents that danger is present.

Some aromatic herbs such as laurel, sage or mint are also a truly compelling natural mouse repellent. Indeed, mice do not tolerate their odor. These rodents do not like the smell of eucalyptus either. Soak a cotton pad with a little eucalyptus oil and place it in the cupboards and other places where the mice often pass. A small bottle of this essential oil costs about € 6, but if you do not have one, you just need to use some of your eucalyptus-based care products.

Mouse traps: killing or not killing, that’s the question
There are two kinds of mouse traps: those that are meant to kill mice and those that allow them to be captured without destroying them. If seeing dead mice do not repel you, you can use fags. It is a wooden board on which is laid a metal spring bar. When the mouse bites the bait, the metal bar falls on it, killing it instantly. Before reuse, it is essential to wash it to remove any odors that may arouse the suspicions of other mice. You can also use different types of mechanical traps like the mousetrap. All these traps are accessible in gardening or drugstores. They cost about 4 dollars each.

If you do not want to kill the mice, you can use the mousetrap. Attracted by the smell of a bait, the mice penetrate into the trap whose door closes on them. You can then reopen this door to deliver them in the wild. There are different mouse catcher models depending on whether you want to catch mice, rats or even mice. The price depends on the model you want to buy, but they cost on average between 5 and 35 €. Snap traps also capture mice without having to kill them, provided of course to remove the mice in time.

Precautions to avoid the appearance of mice
In order not to get rid of the mice, the best way is not to invite them to your home. Here are some simple precautions that will help you move them away.

• Keep garbage cans away from your dwellings and be sure to close them tightly so as not to attract rodents.
• Remember to close the cupboards where you store your food so that their smells do not reach the mice.
• Do not miss all the holes and cracks on your walls, no matter how small. Indeed, a few millimeters are enough to let the passage to a mouse.

And if the mice do not go, what do you do?
In case you can not get rid of the mice that invade your house, it is best to ask for assistance from a rat exterminator. The intervention will cost you 60 dollars and you have to leave your house for a few days, but this is a rare case for an inhabited dwelling.