the nature and mice

Mice in the house are a real problem. These rodents can climb the ladders, climb the walls, climb the cables and swim through the pipes (yes they can pop up by your toilet!) For the sole purpose of penetrating your house! So how to get rid of mice?

Mice adapt very quickly and are unstoppable when it comes to finding food, heat or shelter. Your home can satisfy each of their primary need. Be aware that in autumn and winter, their quest intensifies due to weather conditions.

Rodents, Amazing Animals

Mice are opportunistic and determined. They will seize the tiniest opportunity to get into your home.

This is why you need to develop a wise eye (albeit temporary) to identify the faults in your property: Replace all holes, join all gaps and repair any damage identified.

Know that mice and rats have amazing capabilities, making them the kings of infiltration:

– Domestic mice can climb walls 2 meters high
– mice can sneak into spaces as wide as a pen is 6mm
– mice can jump up to 24 cm
– the rats can leap 77 cm vertically and 1m20 horizontally

Repair your roof

The black rat is often called the roof rat because of its great agility, allowing it to make its way through cables and climbing plants.

Have you ever wondered how the rodents reached your kitchen cupboards? Turn your fridge over! Where you and I see only a simple household appliance, the mice reveal a sumptuous climbing wall opening the way to all the elements in height.

And here are other entry points:

– hollows in cellars and basements
– the unburned holes around the pipes
– damaged floors and roofs
– ventilation
– the drain pipes and the sewers because yes, the rats are good swimmers!

How to prevent mice from entering the house

As an owner, it is in your financial interest, but also for your health and safety, to prevent the bursting of rats and mice. In fact, rats and mice have the ability to reproduce very quickly, turning a small discomfort into a large infestation. It should also be noted that rodents carry many diseases that are dangerous for humans and may cause a fire start because of their unfortunate tendency to nibble whatever passes them under the nose. Thus prevention will be more desirable to treatment.

Many simple and inexpensive gestures can be adopted to reduce the risk of infestation. Professional solutions are also available.

Our anti mouse tips

– storage of food: prefer plastic containers or metal containers and clean regularly under your refrigerator, closets and gas stove
– doors: install a brush seal at the bottom of your doors to prevent any intrusion
– Pipes: Replace all holes around the pipes with steel wool
– holes: often located outside and near cables or pipes, make sure to check the old installations. Any 5mm hole can be enough for mice to get into your home.
– ventilation: do not hesitate to cover it with a fine galvanized wire mesh, moreover if it is damaged
– Roof and eaves: Repair all identified damage and place a fine mesh over the holes.

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